Single Missing Tooth in Greenwood Village, CO

Single Missing Tooth in Grenwood Village, COIn the past, the most common solution for a single missing tooth was the dental bridge. However, a dental bridge can often cause further damage and, in some cases, additional tooth loss. This is because a dental bridge relies on adjacent teeth for support. In order to attach a dental bridge to a natural tooth, a dentist must remove a small layer of enamel from that tooth. This leaves the tooth vulnerable to bacteria and decay. Eventually, it can become weakened to the extent that it required removal. In fact, with a dental bridge, there is a 30% failure rate in the first five to seven years.

The current most popular replacement option for missing teeth is dental implants. Greenwood Village patients generally prefer this method due to its versatility. By choosing dental implants, Greenwood Village patients are able to replace either single or multiple missing teeth. One method in which we can use dental implants is to place individual implants in the exact spots where tooth loss has occurred. This method provides several benefits over a dental bridge:

  • Lower risk of complications – With dental implants, Greenwood Village patients do not have to remove any tooth enamel from healthy teeth.

  • Resistance to decay – Because of their titanium structure, dental implants are resistant to decay.

  • Preservation of bone and tissue – Dental implants provide needed stimulation to surrounding bone and soft tissue, preventing deterioration.

Another method in which dental implants can be used for tooth replacement is with an implant supported dental bridge. This is used when there are multiple missing teeth in a row. An implant supported dental bridge functions similar to a normal dental bridge except that it is not supported by natural teeth, but rather, dental implants. Greenwood village patients do not need to undergo any harmful tooth enamel removal. In fact, an implant supported dental bridge actually promotes better oral health by stimulating bone and tissue growth to preserve the facial structure.

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